Bidding with Mattcon General Contractors, Inc.

The Estimating Department at Mattcon General Contractors, Inc. is regularly bidding both Public and Private construction projects in central Indiana and in various locations around the country. We continually seek out Subcontractors and Suppliers interested in bidding on our projects as well as working with firms that have performed multiple projects with us in the past. In addition, we strive to utilize Minority, Women, Disadvantaged, and Veteran owned businesses on all of our projects.

• Bid Calendar:

Call or email Chuck Penaflor ( for a current listing of projects on our bid calendar.

• Invitation To Bid Distribution List:

To add your company to our ITB distribution list or update your company information please use the "Contact Us” box on our home page.

• Online Planroom on iSqFt:

We partner with iSqFt to maintain an online planroom which allows invited subcontractors and suppliers access to the bid documents during bidding. This planroom has many useful features available to our subcontractors and suppliers at no additional cost. If you don’t have an iSqFt username & password you will have to create one the first time you use the site. Again, this is free of charge to our subcontractors and suppliers.

• Insurance Requirements:

All bids submitted to Mattcon must include the insurance requirements listed in the following document.

MGC Insurance Requirements


Doing Work with Mattcon General Contractors, Inc.

Welcome to the Team! Regardless of whether you are an Owner, Architect, Engineer, Subcontractor, Supplier, or construction worker we strive to provide our company motto of "Service Beyond Expectations” to all members of the project team. We want to provide an atmosphere with open communication, efficient procedures for handling submittals and pay applications, and resolve issues quickly.

• Subcontractors and Supplier Requirements:

The following is a list of the items typically required from Subcontractors and Suppliers during the course of working on a project with Mattcon

1. Items required prior to starting work onsite

a. Certificate of Insurance

i. Mattcon utilizes myCOI to manage our Subcontractor insurance. This process begins with an Introduction Letter sent from myCOI to the Subcontractor which contains information on how to set-up your company. From there your insurance company and myCOI handle the compliance

ii. For more information about myCOI go to:

2. Items required prior to the processing of a subcontractors 1st application for payment or invoice

a. Completely signed and executed Subcontract or Purchase Order Agreement

i. Signed Exhibit C – Building Rules and Regulations

ii. Signed Exhibit D – Subcontractor Sub-contractor/Supplier List

iii. Completed Federal Form W-9

iv. Schedule of Values approved by Mattcon Project Manager

3. Items required prior to billing 100% of Subcontract Agreement

a. All required closeout documents and as-builts

b. All Commissioning and Owner Training of systems and equipment

•        Applications for payment:

Please refer to the Mattcon General Contractors, Inc. Pay Application Procedure link below to review the procedure for submitting Applications for Payment and supplier Invoices

MGC Pay Application Procedure


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